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Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines.

Relax & enjoy the experience in our comfortable sanctuary.


Yoga has taught Claire the beautiful union of power and grace in all areas of her life. This continually inspires her to guide classes that incorporate a blend of stimulating postures and deep relaxation. Claire seeks to share this balance of the body, mind, and spirit and inspire others to be deeply grateful and present for every single moment on this incredible journey of life.
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Studio Manager / Teacher

Lalita embarked on her yoga journey in 2009 when she first tried a 15 min yoga sequence on youtube all by herself. The physicality and emotional aspects of the practice truly saved her at times of much needed guidance. Everything about yoga supported her on the path of expansion. The connection of the mind, body and soul that yoga showed her made her fall in love with Yoga.
She draws much of her inspiration as a yoga teacher from her most important role as a mother to her three kids. Lalita, makes sure that everyone is seen and heard. She is always searching to improve her practice. “I am so honored to teach something that is so dear to my soul. Spreading Love and Light to others is her biggest motivation.
Lalita’s classes are physically challenging with creative, playful sequencing while maintaining the integrity of the yoga practice. She encourages students to let go and have fun and find freedom in their bodies, minds and spirits. Her classes being fearless, loving and playful; appeal to beginners and advanced yogi’s alike. Lalita’s passion is to give her students the same gift of self love, happiness, and connection that yoga has given her!

Media Manger

Jess has an athletic background and was always known for high energy workouts. She pursued a degree in marketing but after working in corporate for many years she decided to become a health & fitness coach to expand her creativity and teaching abilities as a group fitness instructor.
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Karen ‘Kitty”

Yoga has slowly transformed her life from the Outside to the Inside. Fourteen years ago, she was introduced to Yoga by her personal trainer in Dallas, Texas and started her physical practice with American Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga. She volunteered for over 3 years at Omega Workshops, where she was able to meet and practice with world-renowned Master Yoga Teachers.
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She first met yoga class in the year 2000 while in college. It was new and different from the fast-paced workouts she had previously experienced. It wasn’t until 2013 that she considers she officially became a yogi; even though she realize it then. Exercising is something she was consistent about, whether it was through dancing, swimming, aerobics. She realized yoga was different.
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Jessenia discovered the power of yoga almost four years ago. She found her passion and it changed her life. Her classes are made up of creative and powerful sequences that build strength, flexibility, and fearlessness. 
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Ashleigh is a 25 year old Miami Native who became apart of the Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness sangha in 2016. Her passion and commitment to yoga lead her to pursue a 200- hour yoga teacher training. When she is not self practicing, she plays the role of a child behavior therapist. Her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite yoga pose is bird of paradise. She loves yoga because it makes her feel good and allows her to eat more pizza. Her favorite place is anywhere people are gathered to laugh, breathe and break boundaries together. Through breath work and conscious movement, Ashleigh seeks to deepen student’s connection and awareness to the divine light within.


Laurie, also know as the Enlightened Chongita, is commited to learning and sharing her Journey, She is focused on creating a flow of movements to create that body, mind, and soul connection. Her goal is for you to leave her class empowered, stronger and with the corners of your mouth lifted into a smile.
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You can release stress and relax, heal, enhance your creative and work
processes, manifest, attain your goals. Find your true potential, your joy of life,
your personal inner calm, power up on the downloads from your higher self and
let that be the place from where you work, create, love and live in peace, health,
calm with each breath. It is my honor to guide you in discovering the power you
hold to heal and improve your health and life” – Monica Uribe 
This Yoga Teacher broke away from the corporate cubicle to teach yoga thanks to 7 herniated disc in neck and back yoga and meditation was her “cure”. She now shares
the fantastic effects of yoga on our bodies, minds and life’s goals. Twice 200-hour
Yoga Teacher in Hatha, Chakra Flow Vinyasa, also the only certified Aqua Kriya Yoga instructor in South Florida. Other trainings include Connection Coalition, an Off The
Mat Into The a World Leadership Training attendee. Other areas studied and practiced
yoga for healing trauma, yoga for managing and reducing stress, and meditation,
sound healing and is a Reiki Master since 2006.

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During Sloan’s first teacher training she discovered an undeniable ability to commune with passed love ones. Since that moment she took it upon herself to study deeper into Mediumship. Attending Sloan’s class you will find a fun intuitive experience that brings you back into your heart and ignites your intuitive voice.
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