A combination of experience, charisma and attention to detail, naturally emanates from Yaremi, who for more than a decade has lived and practiced the yogic philosophy consciously and with special attention to the safety and wellbeing of her students.

“Yoga is much more than a physical practice, but a lifestyle”, she says. Yoga creates a safe and inspiring space for being in the present moment through breathing, concentration and movement on all aspects of ourselves. Yaremi pays special attention on safety in her class, as the transformative process occurs at a very different pace for everyone. In each class, she creates a space of self-exploration where the student can develop the ability to be mindful and aware of its own body and emotions during the class. “I am the Yoga Instructor, but each person is the master of its own life. I take each student by the hand to enter in that space where they can feel confortable, strong and happy”, she expresses.

Originally from Venezuela, Yaremi is currently based out of South Florida. She teaches private events and workshops, both in English and Spanish. She is passionate about spreading the benefits of an authentic yoga practice and mindful living. She has appeared several times as the yoga teacher of the Hispanic TV show Despierta America on Univision and on a variety of Hispanic radio stations sharing her mission.

Her mission is to help you tap into your highest potential so we can all live a better life filled with health, happiness and peace of mind.

“Life is a classroom that teaches you free lessons every day, learn to be aware and thankful for all your experiences with a smiling heart” –Yaremi Aparicio

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