Sattva Yoga

The word Sattva means truth, balance, and wholeness. Sattva Yoga is ancient and fresh at the same time. It is at the core of who we truly are. Sattva Yoga works with Kriya energy to generate electricity.

Deep Stretch & Meditation

Unwind from the day in this class combining floor-based asana, guided breath work and various styles of meditation. From restorative and yin poses, we will prepare the body and mind to find stillness and close with meditation techniques including visualization

Align + Flow

A deep and grounding experiencing with an emphasis on proper alignment and deep meditation. The focus here is to slow the heart rate, by slowing the breath, and to develop a deep sense of core strength and stability.

Effort & Ease

This class is the best of both worlds! Delve into challenging Vinyasa sequences, then melt into your mat as you experience the meditative and therapeutic aspects of a Yin style practice.

Fun Flow

An invigorating all-levels flow. Students can expect sun salutes and other dynamic segments that are sure to generate some sweat and leave you feeling charged and stretchy.

Detox Rocks

Sweat out toxins in this purifying practice that provides your system the boost it needs to start the week. This high energy experience provides plenty of opportunity to twist into your organs, and will leave you with a felling of vitality and happy glow.