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Whether you are new to Yoga or have had a lifelong practice, and whatever your reasons for looking to Yoga now, I congratulate you!!! I can’t think of a better way to reconnect to yourself; Mind, Body and Spirit.

As soon as you enter our space, you will be drawn in by the special energy of the studio. Our AMAZING community will make you feel right at home, and our Highly Skilled teachers will guide you through your yoga practice in a safe and sustainable way. The tools you learn on the mat can be taken with you into your daily life and interactions with family and friends.

Reasons To Try Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness

Something For Everyone

Yoga is for everyone! Check out our extensive schedule to find a class that best fits your style. We offer classes for yogis beginning their practice as well as classes for those looking for a challenge. 

Our amazing introductory deal of four consecutive weeks of unlimited yoga fpr $49 will allow you to take classes with all our teachers and try out everyone’s different styles.

Friendly Staff

After the four weeks of unlimited yoga, we have several options to continue the yoga! Contact us for more info regarding our memberships! 

At Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness, we value our sangha (community). We are always here to support our community in connection, transformation, and healing.

Not only do we have an extensive amount of classes, but we also offer workshops in which students get to learn more about yoga. wellness, meditation, and much more!


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